I Surrender song by Hillsong Worship is one of the most popular worship songs of all times. This song is from group album “Stone’s Have Been Rolled Away” which was released in 1993. Author of this song is Mat Crocker. Find here I Surrender Hillosng Worship song lyrics and chords.

I surrender song by Hillsong lyrics chordsAs the author of one of the most popular Christian worship songs says, it was written when preparing for annual Encounter youth conference. The conference theme was about having desperation and hunger for God.

This song is kind of the prayer to our Lord. Sometimes we feel a really desperate need for God, huge hunger for His mercy and grace. The only thing we can do in such situations is surrender and cry for His help with the deep faith and confidence that we will receive what we are asking for. Each word of this song expresses our inner words we speak to God. It expresses our sincere prayer when we are down on our knees and asking God to have His own way in us. God is always on our side, He protects us all the time and only God really knows all our needs and weaknesses. When we recognize all that God gives to us and His love towards us, we will praise and worship Him from the bottom of our hearts. We will praise His power with full confidence that we are safe in His hands.

I Surrender Lyrics and Chords

Here I am
Down on my knees again
Surrendering all
Surrendering all

Find me here
Lord as You draw me near
Desperate for You
Desperate for You

I surrender

Drench my soul
As mercy and grace unfold
I hunger and thirst
I hunger and thirst

With arms stretched wide
I know You hear my cry
Speak to me now
Speak to me now

I surrender (x2)
I want to know You more (x2)

Like a rushing wind
Jesus breathe within
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me

Like a mighty storm
Stir within my soul
Lord have Your way
Lord have Your way in me.

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