The Sin of Pride fears the Truth. Daily Devotional 32nd day of Lent

sin of Pride fears the Truth Devotional

Why do we read this passage from John’s Gospel, chapter 7, during Lent? First, it seems nothing new; we are used to the Pharisees being angry with Jesus. But this is the Scripture we are reading now. Do you know why? Because the sin of pride fears the truth.

Lent Daily Devotional

In verse 52 (full text at John 7:40-52): They answered him: “Are you also a Galilaean? Seek and see. A prophet does not come from Galilee.”

The Sin of Pride fears the Truth

Are they claiming that no prophet comes from Galilee? We could laugh out loud because at least Jonah, Nahum, Hosea, and Amos were from Galilee.

So the Pharisees may appear to have been ignorant. But don’t be fooled. The Pharisees certainly knew they were not telling the truth.

Bible text wants to knock not only on the hearts of the Pharisees but also on our hearts.

Pride Hardens the Heart

From their stubborn arguments, we learn about human characteristics. Man wants to defend his cause by any means necessary, even if it is entirely wrong.

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This is a situation with which all of us are familiar. How often has it happened to you that you were wrong, but the sin of pride prevented you from admitting the truth? Instead, you argued, got angry, and hurt others, even though you knew you were wrong.

Do you see what this has led to? It led to murder – they killed Jesus Christ. Do you see how dangerous that is?

For this very reason, we see terrible things happening in the world in the 21st century.

A pure heart is not afraid of the truth

Lent calls on each of us to break that bad habit. Therefore, we should pray that in Jesus, we will pursue the true goal, and then no power in heaven or on earth will stop us from following Him faithfully until the end of our days.

Prayer for Today

Lord, reach every hardened heart with your Living Word. Let our spiritual thirst lead us into Your outstretched arms. I ask that faith in Jesus changes us to flow rivers of faith and hope from our souls. May God’s truth refresh and renew the whole world. Amen.