SPEAK ONLY THE TRUTH Prayer for May 18

speak only the truth

Speak Only the Truth. Prayer for May 18. Being silent is far better than lying. We get into some situations whereby we find it hard to say the truth. We need the power of God to be able to stand. Let’s tell God to help us say nothing but the truth.

Bible Verse for Today

“The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” (Proverbs 12:22)

Truth, according to the scriptures, establishes and entrenches righteousness while lying will bring the displeasure and judgment of God. It is better we refuse to speak sometimes than to speak lies. The proverbs also paint a beautiful picture and wonder of carefully chosen words that are devoid of deceit.

When we are consistent in speaking the truth, we keep our relationship and there is joy. We will have less burden to carry because when we tell lies, we have to lie again to cover it up. Today, many technologies have been made to detect lies but they can’t be perfect detecting lies.

Spouses lie to one another in the name of keeping the peace; even parents lie to their children and vice versa; employers and employees do the same. Advertisers lie to sell products. Politicians tell lies to divert the country’s resources to their selves.

Amidst all these, we believers must tell and live out the truth. We must stick to nothing but the truth – in our place of work, home, and in every relationship, we find ourselves in, we must let them be able to discern easily that we are different from others.

They should be able to count on us and above all, God should be pleased with us with the words of our mouths.

Speak Only the Truth Prayer for Today

Lord, I thank you because you are always true to your word. You love those who speak the truth always and hates those who tell lies. I want to be truthful always, and I want people to confide in me and also bring glory to your name Lord – give me the power to speak the truth in all circumstances and to stand by it. Amen.