Ask the Lord for Salvation. Sunday Daily Devotional for January 30

Ask the Lord for Salvation Sunday devotional

Ask the Lord for Salvation. Do you know why Jesus’ sermon made people so nervous? Because Jesus said that no one has a right to God’s love just because they are part of the chosen people of Israel. Even the people of Nazareth are not showered with miracles just because Nazareth is Jesus’ hometown. Oops!!! That was unexpected!

It’s obvious that Jesus cares about something other than the neighborhood you come from.

Sunday Devotional January 30

All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this. They got up, drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the town was built, in order to throw him off the cliff. But he walked right through the crowd and went on his way. (full text at Luke 4:21-30)

Sin Makes Blind

Jesus proclaimed, “I have come to bring good news to the poor, to set the prisoners free, and to give sight to the blind”. The people of Nazareth agreed with him, without even realizing that Jesus was talking about them.

Jesus’ message is special because it is open to all people. It does not matter what their background, race, or social status.

But confession matters:

  • “Yes, Lord, I am poor, poor in feeling and poor in spirit. You can make me rich.”
  • “Yes, Lord, I am a prisoner. I am trapped in my selfishness, laziness, guilt, and the snares of this world. You can set me free.”
  • “Yes, Lord, I am blind. Blind to the people around me, blind to Your love, blind to my gifts and weaknesses. You can make me see.”

Anyone who thinks he does not need this confession is rejecting Jesus and His salvation. Why should I be saved if I’m okay? If I am just good?

The answer is found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

It is about love. Many of you have probably nodded your heads and said: “Yes, that is what love is.”

But the question is: Do I have this love? It is not only a good intention but also a real action. How well do I love my husband, wife, or children? How does this love manifest itself?

A troubled Conscience is a Signal

Let’s try this: can you relate the text you have read to yourself without remorse?

“I am patient, I am gracious. I am not anxious, I am not boastful, I am not proud, and I am not conceited. I do not behave indecently, I do not seek to benefit myself. And I do not cease to be angry, I do not tolerate anger. I do not rejoice in injustice but rejoice in truth. I endure all things, I believe all things, I hope all things, I endure all things…”

Can you really say that about yourself? If so, then you don’t need a God or a Savior. Then you are in good fellowship with the people of Nazareth.

Ask the Lord for Salvation

But if you’re plagued by remorse, then yes, you’re in the right place. God knows our weakness, and when we realize we have made a mistake, the first step has already been taken.

The next step is to ask for forgiveness. Ask the Lord for Salvation. And ask for forgiveness from God and from those with whom we are connected in life. Ask for forgiveness and help. We all need help from God and from our loved ones.

If you have accepted the Lord’s Salvation, you are already one step ahead of the Nazarenes. One step of peace, one step of love, one step of faith.

Prayer for Today

Lord our God, you created us to worship You. We want to, and we are trying to, respond to Your call. Grant that we may worship You with an undivided heart and love people as You love them. Help us to walk in Your ways and to decide for Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.