avoid cheating prayer

Help us avoid cheating – Prayer for May 12. Cheating has now become something people tag as “normal.” God doesn’t like it, it is pure wickedness. Let’s tell God to help us avoid cheating.

Bible Verse for Today

“Shall I acquit someone with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights?” (Micah 6:11)

Cheating comes in different areas of life, we do some things sometimes but we don’t know it’s actually cheating because cheating has been turned into a normal thing.

“When people cheat in anything, in any area of life, they diminish themselves, they threaten their own self-esteem and their relationships with another party by undermining the trust they have in their ability to succeed and their ability to be true.” This means that when you cheat, you make yourself incapable of doing that particular thing. It makes you look unworthy and above all, you limit God in your heart thinking he cannot help in any situation.

God was talking in Micah 6:11 about dishonesty and lies. Once you cheat, the trust people have in you will be at stake and when lost, it would be hard to make them trust you again.

What causes cheating most is lack of love, if you love your neighbor, you won’t be cheating them. Our businesses and relationships should be transparent so that people who see will see the difference and believe the gospel that we preach.

Even we don’t need to preach if our works are pure and don’t involve cheating. They look at us and see that we don’t do what others consider is what we do on daily basis, they are reading us. We must not then bring ourselves low and also make people disbelieve the gospel we preach.

Help us Avoid Cheating Prayer for Today

Father Lord, I have come with humility to your throne of mercy this time, and I ask you to forgive me if I have in any way cheated, consciously or unconsciously. I know it’s a sin and you don’t like it, please have mercy on me. Lord, help me to stay out the habit of cheating – I don’t want my reputation to be tarnished and do what will bring dishonor to you, Lord – so help me, Lord. Amen.

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