born again to a living hope

Born again to a living hope – Prayer for April 13. When Jesus died, He was taken to the tomb where he remained. After three days, Jesus resurrected. This is the greatest news ever! It is what we celebrate as Christians that our Savior is not dead but alive forever!

Bible Verse for Today

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 1:3)

The Resurrection of the Lord is the best thing that has ever happened. This gives us joy. It is a joy to us that our Redeemer, the one who people think they have killed is alive and still there with us. After Jesus was killed many things happened even at the point of death. While he was hanging on the cross the atmosphere changed, the cloud went darker. It was a sign that something would happen.

After all these, the body of Jesus was requested so He could be buried properly. Jesus was buried in the tomb but on the third day, something that has not happened before happened. Jesus resurrected. The people that were hiding the tomb were amazed. When people started going to the tomb to see Jesus, the angel told then He has risen. That message is the reason for Easter.

What we should focus on right now as Christians are how to spread this news to the entire world and not just something we celebrate every year. Some people need to hear this and understand it very well. Some people have listened to this news but they don’t seem to understand it. We need to explain that the Resurrection of Jesus means a lot to them and it can help them to secure eternal life.

The Resurrection of Jesus brought many things to life. It gave us hope, it gave us the Holy Spirit just as He has promised us. The Resurrection of Jesus also gave us the key to eternal life. The things the Resurrection of Jesus did for us is not limited to these, it gave us power in Christ. Power to make things happen, the power to create and make things possible. All of these need faith, faith is the catalyst to make them happen.

Born Again to a Living Hope Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for laying down your life for me. I am also happy that you are alive and you live to reign forever! Your Resurrection has brought many things to us, thank you, Lord. Give me the power and courage to speak to people about your Resurrection and give me the right words to be able to explain to them. Amen.

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