DIVINE LIFTING Prayer for February 5

divine lifting

Prayer for February 5. Divine lifting. Whatever level we might be now either a level we are satisfied with or not satisfied. There is surely a level higher than all levels that God wants to take us to. Let’s tell God to take us to a level that is higher than our expectations. Enjoy divine lifting!

Bible Verse for Today

“Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10).

After Job suffered, God restored him, He put him to a level higher than his formal level. The only promotion that can take you to a height that is beyond your expectation. David was transferred from being a shepherd in the bush to the palace. It was a great promotion but that was not the end, he was lifted to a higher height, he became the King. You reach a level now and you think that all? God is not done promoting you, His promotion comes through a lifetime and it doesn’t matter the level you are now.

When God promotes you, He lifts you to a higher level!

It doesn’t matter facing now or what you are going through. Joseph was made a slave in Potiphar’s house, later he was made the head of slaves. Joseph experienced a divine promotion that took him to a greater height, he was made a governor in Egypt.

Trust God for a divine height today and you will keep stepping up to a greater height.

Divine Lifting Prayer for Today

Today, I shall mount up with wings as an eagle, I will rise above my current level, and the Lord shall raise me up and take me to an unimaginable height. Today, I shall experience a divine uplifting and I shall move to a great height.

Lord, I humble myself before you today, lift me up, and let me stand in high places.

The divine height is a place where blessing abounds, a play where joy and peace abound, a place where, riches, promotion, and a place where success abound. Take me to the place dear Lord, lift me up above the shadows today and help me to operate at a level that is beyond all expectations. Amen.

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