Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Prayers are our direct and private communication with God. Prayers give us the great privilege of telling our concerns and desires to our Creator. Here you can read information about different prayer types and find great examples of different prayers.

Prayer for sins

DIVINE MERCY PRAYER Lord, hear my prayer for sins, forgive me

Sometimes we have dark periods in our life when we feel lost. We feel we are sinners and can't dream of asking God for His mercy. But our God is merciful and loving, and...
back to school prayer

BACK TO SCHOOL PRAYER for Teachers, Pupils and Parents

Now that the summer holiday is over, many children, parents and teachers are preparing to start a new school year. For some parents, it may mean that their child is starting a new school...
prayer for education success

Prayer for Education Success – Academic Success in Exams

Prayer for education success, for academic success studying in school, in exams. Our studies are an essential part of life. Our future, our career, depends on their quality. Christians need to understand the fundamental...
Short thanksgiving prayer

Short Thanksgiving Prayer for every day of the Week

Short thanksgiving prayer. Thanksgiving prayers are essential because thanksgiving and gratitude shape believers' attitudes toward God, daily life, and circumstances. Therefore, prayer, or communication with God, should include thanksgiving. Prayers like this are essential because...

May God Bless You and Keep You Prayer

May God bless you and keep you. Only seven simple words. And yet, Christians believe that when spoken with faith and spiritual authority, these words are more than the sum of their parts. They genuinely...
Truck drivers prayer protection

Truck Drivers Prayer – How to ask for protection and safety

Truck drivers prayer. Have you ever thought about truck driver and what their life consists of? Do you ever wonder how hard it might be to work as a truck driver? For many, it means...
Farmers prayer

FARMERS PRAYER – God is the Source of Life, Growth, Provision, Grace

Farmers prayer. Though we all need God’s constant oversight, few people rely on God’s providence and provision as much as farmers. The farmer cannot make it rain during a drought. He can’t force his...
prayer for repentance and cleansing

Prayer for Repentance and Cleansing

When we hear the word repentance, one thing comes to our mind: asking for forgiveness. However, repentance is way more than that; it has to do with the entirety of a person. John the...
BLESSING WORDS Inspirational God Bless Bible Quotes

BLESSING WORDS Inspirational God Bless Bible Quotes

Words have power. The Scripture says that life and death are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Think about it - a person can use words to bless their children and also...
prayers for strength

PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH in Difficult Situations

Prayers for Strength in Difficult Situations. Life can present many challenges which are often outside of our control. The burdens of life can cause paralysis, making a person feel bound and helpless - financial...