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Follow God and His vision for you – Prayer for July 16. After getting a vision from God, the next thing is to follow it by letter. It’s not always easy to follow it, but with God, it would be easy. Let’s tell God to help us follow the vision by letter.

Bible Verse for  Today

Write down the vision and make it plain, that he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

After being called by God to work and then getting a vision that will be a drive and a direction, after writing down the vision God has shown us, what he wants us to do, it is not the end of it, but we need to do according to what we have written down. We must follow the vision and never go against what is written there.

Following the vision is not always easy; we bring it to reality when working out the vision. Joseph had a dream; that’s what God wanted him to become. It’s a vision – for this reason, he went through many challenges but didn’t give up because of the more significant and brighter future he saw.

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Many of us go through bad situations while following our vision statement. The road is not straight, and there are potholes on the road. We should know that the fact that we have a vision from God doesn’t mean all will have to go smoothly – there is always an obstacle on the way. Proverbs 29:18b says, “Happy is the man that keeps the law.”

These laws help us keep ourselves in check; they are like a guide to us. We will do what God has called us to do when we follow these. Let’s do all it takes to achieve the vision and the goal set before us today by the power of God that works in us.

Follow God and His Vision for you Prayer for Today

I pray for the grace to run the vision and do all it says. Even though the road to fulfilling the vision may be rough and tough. I pray for the power to run it till the end in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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