God is the only power in my life

God is the only power in my life – Prayer for August 1. God wants us to live a happy and fulfilled life. The only way to have such a life is to live according to God’s will. We need to acknowledge that God is the only power in my life. Only he can change my life and give the right direction to it.

Bible Verse for Today

A thief wants to rob, murder and destroy. But I have come to give them life in their fullness. (John 10:10)

Life should not be complicated. Jesus did not die on the cross for us to have a complicated, frustrating, and unhappy life. According to John 10:10, we have a fulfilled life. As things get complicated, we often lose our joy and hope for a better life. We must stop stressing ourselves and living an overly busy life.

The opposite is a simple lifestyle. Simple or simply means “unique, consisting only of one, unmixed”. God has challenged us to choose a simpler lifestyle. He showed us that the only way is to have only one really important thing in life.

God wants to be our one and only. The Bible says we can only inherit his Kingdom when we come to him like little children and say, “I believe.” Does that seem almost too easy for you to make it a little more complicated? Do not do it! God’s plan for us is simple. This may not make sense to you, but God is not complicated and he does not want you to have a complicated life.

Come to him today and say, “I believe.” Make him your one and only.

God is the Only Power in my Life Prayer for Today

God, I believe in you. I do not want to burden myself with complicated things. Help me lead a simple life and make you my one and only.  I acknowledge that God is the only power in my life. Lord, please show me the plan you have for me and I will follow it. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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