HUMILITY AND OBEDIENCE Prayer for February 13

humility and obedience

Humility and obedience – Prayer for February 13. Humility is when you follow the protocols, the governing principles or rules, and maintain order even though you can do better without them. It is what builds one for leadership let’s learn to follow an order.

Bible Verse for Today

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12)

One of the qualities of great people is their ability to stay humble. They respect leadership and honor structures, principles, and also maintain order. Obeying instruction is a wise thing to do in life – it becomes what makes them think and act with wisdom and then become great. Humility is not just about refusing to talk when you should talk or taking blames from different people.

What we could learn from the five thousand men that Jesus fed is that they maintained order. What we need to understand here about humility is the ability to maintain order, obedience to simple instruction. The five thousand were asked to sit down, they all obeyed. Not obeying such order will lead to disorderliness. There are men in the crowd as the time they were commanded to sit down, they did not mind their status, they maintained order.

Sometimes, when we are asked to do some things, pride will make us disobey. This can cause disorder in anything we want to do.

In this same way, God is asking us to do some things but most people are considering their statutes or the position in which they are in society and then refuse to obey. God is telling you to stay put and follow the due process but because you have a little knowledge of that thing, you refuse and you jump to do it without the following process. This is for us to know that to be humble is not only to refuse to talk or to be gentle, but it also has to do with obedience and maintaining order. An example is going to a gathering with your car and you are told where to park, refusing to comply is a sign of pride.

Humility and Obedience Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, I submit myself to the authority and choose to obey your instruction to maintain order. I need you to help me kill pride in me and stay humble to your Word. Lord, I want to stay humble when I am needed to be humble. I walk in humility today and follow the path of peace. Let I experience great order in my life today. Amen.

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