Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins – Prayer for July 30

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins

Jesus paid the ultimate price for our sins – Prayer for July 30. Jesus came because we would never be good enough without him. He sacrificed his life for us and gave us hope for eternal life. God has sent his Son to us, and now he wants us to come to him. Seek the closeness of God, and he will be close to you.

Bible Verse for Today

Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. (James 4:8)

In this verse, we need to point out that we are first asked to come to God before we are asked to sin no more.

So many people do it the other way around. They think they can never come to God, make a relationship with Him, and become Christians because there are still things left in their lives to overcome. They try to get their lives to be good enough to have a relationship with God. But that’s not right.

Jesus came because we could never be good enough without him. His death, his blood is the ultimate price of our sins – he paid for our guilt.

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If we do not come to God through Jesus, we can not be cleansed of our sins. God longs for you to go to Him today. Please do not stay away from him because you believe the lie that you first have to free yourself from your sin. Instead, come to God and be cleansed of Him by the vicarious sacrifice that Jesus brought for you.

Jesus Paid the Ultimate Price for our Sins Prayer for  Today

My God, I come to you through the blood of your beloved Son, which cleanses me from all sins. I thank you for your grace and forgiveness. I will no longer live in shame because I know I can come to you and receive your love, grace,  and forgiveness. Thank you, God, for the life you gave me. Amen.

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