Knock and the Door will be Opened to You. Devotional, 11th day of Lent

Knock and the Door will be Opened to You Devotional

Knock and the door will be opened. Most of the time, we knock on the door of God’s heart for our personal or family matters. But Lent invites us to look beyond that and reminds us of an extraordinary form of prayer – intercessory prayer. It is an opportunity to serve the well-being of the whole world.

Lent Daily Devotional

To the one who knocks, the door will be opened. (Matthew 7:8)

Knock and the Door will be Opened

Intercessory prayer is the best way to realize our love for people. Jesus also spent much time praying for others.

When we pray an intercessory prayer, we are not only taking care of our own affairs, but we are also asking for help and blessing for others.

It is important to understand that the Holy Spirit calls us to pray for others.

In intercessory prayer, we turn to God, stand at His door, and knock, hoping He will open and help us. But in this case, we are not asking for ourselves, but for other people, or even for the whole world.

The Reason for Intercessory Prayer

God created the world and put a man in charge of it. This is the main reason why we are not indifferent to what is happening around us. We feel responsible. When we see a problem, as wise stewards we take the lead and turn to God for His help and cooperation.

  • Intercessory prayer creates an opportunity for God’s power to manifest itself.
  • It unites us with other people.
  • Intercessory prayer awakens hope and strengthens faith.
  • Intercession teaches humility.
  • Intercessory prayer brings real change, not only in the lives of individuals but also in the world.
  • Intercessory prayer provokes a flow of God’s blessings.

These are the wonderful insights that Lent gives us. It invites us to take our time to engage in quality communion with God. To talk quietly about all areas of your life.

Lent calls us to take time to intercede in prayer for other people, especially loved ones and family members.

Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, thank you for the opportunity to serve for your glory and for the good of people. Praying for others is one of the best tools I have for this ministry. So many times other people have prayed for me and it has brought blessing and joy to my life. Therefore, today I want to give thanks for the love shown to me, and to reciprocate with my love and prayer.

Help me, Lord, to pray all day today for those people and situations where I see that help is needed. I thank You in advance that Your power and blessings may break out into the world through my prayer. Amen.

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