Love like Jesus. Devotional for Today, October 3

Love like Jesus Devotional for Today October 3

Love like Jesus. Devotional for Today, October 3. Jesus’ opponents accuse him of insulting God with his teaching. But they are angry for nothing. Jesus’ teaching may offend their self-love, but it certainly does not offend God.

Devotional for Today, October 3

I am gentle and humble in my heart. (Matthew 11:29)

Jesus in no way diminishes the importance of respecting God and His commandments. He knows that God gave these commandments out of love.

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Therefore, Jesus is ready to help everyone live according to Heavenly Father’s will. He tries to reveal to his hearers the true mind of God.

Jesus can liberate and give inner peace because he is good, compassionate, and knows everything that weighs on human existence. Jesus’ good deeds and miracles in the Gospels prove this.

From a Loving Heart

Most importantly, Jesus’ teaching comes from his loving heart. He loves people and cares for their well-being.

At the same time, he is humble. That is why he does not want to demonstrate religious power or political influence. He only wants to help and serve people with life’s wisdom so they can truly feel and understand the joy of knowing and trusting God.

Love like Jesus

“I am gentle and humble in heart.” And Jesus adds, “Learn from me.” (Matthew 11,29)

Jesus proved His words with His life’s work. He was faithful to the end. His love did not end in death on the cross. His resurrection from the dead showed anyone who doubted that love always wins. Love is undefeated.

Prayer for Today

Lord Jesus, teach me and help me to love as you love. You have given the most beautiful gift of love, your sacrifice on the cross for us all. In your resurrection, you showed that love always wins. I want love to be victorious in my life too. Give me the blessing of being able to love my neighbor. Give me the grace to love you, Jesus, with all my life. Today I ask with all my heart. Amen.