making things right with God

Making things right with God – Prayer for July 2. As a matured Christian, you should know what is right for you to do in the Lord and also to everyone around you. You ought to know how to relate with people and how to effect the lives of others positively.

Bible Verse for Today

“If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” (James 4:17)

You can see now that not doing the right thing is a sin. If Saul had done the right thing, he wouldn’t have been reject by God and then chose David over him. If Achan had done the right thing by not stealing the things meant to be destroyed during wars, his family and he himself would have been preserved.

We as a Christian should know our responsibility in the ministry, in the society and anywhere we find ourselves. The reason to this is that we are representing Christ. If we are doing that, we must do it by doing the right thing. Even it seems hard, don’t stop doing the right this, just know that God that you are working for will always be there to help you.

The three Hebrews in the Bible knew the right thing to do and they went for it. The King asked them to bow to his idol, they stood with God and refused even at the point of death. After they were thrown into the lake of fire, they were saved by God.

When you do the right thing, you would be saved. Even though as a human being, we make some mistakes and then do the wrong thing – God is forever merciful to us.

We still need to be careful so we don’t make the mistakes that can destroy things immediately. At your place of work today and where you study, don’t forget to always do the right thing. Do the things that glorify our Lord.

Making Things Right with God Prayer for Today

As it is written that, “Doing the wrong thing is a sin” I desire making things right with God always. I don’t know how to go about it, Lord, and so I ask for your help. Teach me the way to go and let me do the right thing. Anything that I’m doing and seem to be the right thing, Lord, help me to stop them. Amen.

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