You are the Steward of God’s Vineyard. Daily Devotional 17th day of Lent

the Steward of God's Vineyard Daily Devotional

You are the steward of God’s vineyard. That is the message of today’s Lenten daily devotional.

Lent Daily Devotional

There was a landowner who planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it, dug a winepress in it, and built a watchtower. Then he rented the vineyard to some farmers and moved to another place. When the harvest time approached, he sent his servants to the tenants to collect his fruit. (full text at Matthew 21:33-46)

God is the Landowner. Man is the Tenant.

In the parable Jesus told, we discover an important message. He tells us about a landowner who plants a vineyard and rents it to tenants.

Jesus reminds us that the true and final owner of the land is God. And we are only His tenants.

Therefore, every Christian must be aware that humans are only stewards of creation, not owners.

But in Jesus’ story, the tenants became too involved and began to think they were the owners and that the vineyard belonged to them. And when the owner’s representatives came to collect the tax, the tenants killed them.

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In the story, the landowner is forgiving but stubborn. He sends other representatives. But the tenants treat them illegally too.

Finally, the landowner sends his son.

I think we all understand that this son is Jesus Christ. He was sent into the world by the Heavenly Father to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God. He gives those people a chance.

But the tenants kill the landowner’s son.

We see how this parable teaches us about God and man. First, God is the owner of the land. And Jesus is the son he sent.

You are the Steward of God’s Vineyard

The Pharisees and interpreters of the Scriptures in the Bible refused to be stewards. That is why God has given his vineyard to us.

And Jesus clarifies that we are now tenants and stewards of the vineyard. God has entrusted this world, all creation, to us. We are called to take good care of God’s property. And when the time comes, the Lord will come to take his harvest.

Our world, our life, all of it is God’s gift to us.

We are also tempted to appropriate God’s vineyard for ourselves. We work hard, create material wealth, provide for our families, and forget that our lives are temporary. Everything we have is by God’s grace.

It is great wisdom to understand that everything is the Lord’s, and we are only temporary stewards of His property.

Prayer for Today

God, you teach us how to cultivate the vineyard entrusted to our care. You ask us to be good stewards. You allow us to use the fruit to gladden our hearts and give glory to You.

You are slow to anger but quick to forgive. You are persistent in love and mercy. Thank You for this. And I want to be faithful to You, Lord. Through Jesus Christ. Amen.