we are saved by faith

We are saved by faith – Prayer for Lent #day 15. Whatever we speak should be with faith. Anything we bind here on earth would bind in heaven. Let’s tell God to put into our mouths words of faith.

Bible Verse for Today

“Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)

The word of faith is the most potent message under heaven today. That is what it takes to change, save, and bless the world and humanity. The Lord Jesus Christ preached it. The Apostle Paul preached it, and that is the message that has been given to us by Jesus to preach to the world. It is these words that we speak that stir up faith in us.

The word of faith is based on a redemptive, new creation, facts, or realities. From the Bible text, we will see that through this faith, we will be saved. There is nothing we want to do in Christ, if we don’t do it with faith, it will be fruitless. If we believe in our heart that Jesus had died and He has been raised from death, then it would be a path or give us access to safety in Christ.

We observe Lent, but we must do it with faith, expecting something great from God. We should never think that we are doing everything in vain.

Some people believe that there are only promises in the Bible, from the book of Genesis to the last book, Revelation; but looking at the Bible very well, there are some things more than promises. The Bible has more than promises.

Looking from the New Testament, there are few promises but there are many facts there, some done deals. For example, the hope of our salvation which is the redemption of our bodies slated to happen at the catching up of the saints is a promise.

This particular one is a promise, it will not happen now – there is a set time for it already. However, when it comes to salvation, anyone who needs to get saved can be saved right now. That is because the provision has been made for that.

Anyone who wants to heal now can be healed right now because the provision has been made for it also – it is a done deal. We should know how to make use of the words of faith

We are Saved by Faith Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, please teach me to speak the words of faith alone. Please help me to speak good things to my life and let them come to pass. I pray Lord, that you will strengthen me and strengthen my faith in you so that all I think about is faith in you. Please help me to speak healing, and let the healing come anytime I speak it. Amen.

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