Work wholeheartedly for the Lord

Work wholeheartedly for the Lord – Prayer for January 24. The work we are doing right now, be it our work or the work of God, how serious are you with it? Let’s tell God to give us the strength to be serious in works.

Bible Verse for Today

“Work hard and do not be lazy. Serve the Lord with a heart full of devotion.” (Roman 12:11)

If you will manifest as more than a conqueror that you are, you must first conquer laziness in your life. If you fail to do this, it will surely affect every area of your life. It is common for a weakness in someone’s character to affect virtually every area of his life.

For instance, a worker who finds it difficult to get to work early enough or to do something done on getting things done on time might get sacked someday. Getting serious with things is a thing that requires dedication and power, most of the time, getting things done is not easy but we must keep pushing.

If you have identified some sort of laziness and weakness in you, the best is to start making an adjustment before it is too late.

Doing God’s work requires even more seriousness. We should work wholeheartedly for the Lord. God does not want anyone to be neither cold nor hot, he said he will send them away from him. It is not of his will that we take things with lackadaisical attitude – he is not happy with that kind of attitude.

God wants people that will work for him wholeheartedly and never compromise but stand firm in the faith. The Christian journey is not a journey for the lazy, it is a journey that must be taken seriously because of the dark powers and the enemies that are always ready to top us or destroy us.

We can’t play away some important things we ought to do. Jesus told us to be careful and also at the same time pray.

Work Wholeheartedly for the Lord Prayer for Today

Lord, I pray today that if there is any way that I have been taking your work with a lackadaisical attitude, forgive me and help me to adjust. Teach me the right way to go and the right way to get things done. I pray that you give the strength to over laziness in my life. Lord, heal my weakness today and let all I do give glory to your name. Amen.

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