GOD IS IN CONTROL OF MY LIFE Prayer for April 27

God is in Control of My Life prayer

God is in control of my life – Prayer for April 27. We Christians should know how to control ourselves including our emotions because it can mislead us sometimes. Let’s tell God to help us control our feelings because God is in control of my life.

Bible Verse for Today

“That each of you should learn to control your own body in a way that is holy and honorable.” (1 Thessalonians 4:4)

God is in control of my life, but still, I have the freedom to control my body and feelings. It is an important thing for we Christians to know how to control our body, the flesh can deceive but we must be able to tame it and make it bow to our wish. David couldn’t control his feelings when he saw Bathsheba the wife of Uriah from the roof bathing, he inquired of her instead and slept with her.

For this reason, he caused the death of Uriah at war. He had to bear the consequence of his deeds (2 Samuel 11 and 12). We might be tempted to do things against our wish and the wish of God but if we have the power to control our feelings, we will be able to avoid making mistakes that will cause danger to our lives.

The result of not learning to control our feelings is sin. We will fall into sin because we will do things that are not pleasant to satisfy our feelings. If we can’t control ourselves, we will surely be a slave to what controls us. Food, lusts, money, anger, our words are basically things that we must learn to control ourselves from because if we do not, we will face the consequences of not having self-control.

If you are still finding it hard to deal with your feelings by controlling it, it’s time to use the word of God to change your mind, your thoughts today, and your heart to establish a life of righteousness.

God is in Control of My Life Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, I thank you for the spirit that works in me, and it’s your spirit. I know that God is in control of my life. I pray that you give me the power to control myself and never to allow my emotions to mislead me. In all I do today, I want to be able to take charge of everything within me and without. Give me the power to handle my emotions well. Give me the power of self-control so I will not sin against you. Almighty God changes hearts and minds. Amen.

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