God will reward you for good works

God will reward you for good works – Prayer for January 19. To everyone working wholeheartedly, there is always a payday. To get a reward for what one has done, sincerity must be involved.

Bible Verse for Today

“See, the Sovereign Lord comes with power and the rules with a mighty arm. See, his reward is with him, and his recompense accompanies him.” (Isaiah 40:10)

God has a way of rewarding everyone according to what they have done. It does not matter the type of work anyone does, it’s a law of nature, reward of the work will come, good or bad. What we must be careful of is not doing bad things or some things that are against the wish of God, they bring the wrath of God as a reward.

God has different ways of rewarding His people. The Bible text says God will come with power. That means nothing can stop him from rewarding you if your work is pure. Have you been working for God or doing the good work that no one is not noticing?

You don’t have to feel bad that no one is seeing you to give you the credit you deserve. And you don’t have to worry. God is the one that rewards for good works properly and even beyond human comprehension.

The best rewarded is God, look up to him for your reward, not man. Don’t stop doing good, because if you stop, then you could lose the blessing for all the good you have done in the time past.

This is why it is important to be consistent in doing good because doing it means we are serving God. God has endowed us with some special abilities that we call talent. They are not just there for nothing, they were given to us to use it to help others.

Getting into the wrong path and doing the wrong things too has rewards but the rewards will be unbearable which is why we must avoid the wrong path. Let’s tell God today to help us to be consistent in doing good and never hesitate that God will reward you for good works.

God will Reward you for Good Works Prayer for Today

Lord, I thank you for today. I believe you have a great reward for me today. I pray Lord, that you reward all my good doings and give me the grace to even do more. If there is a path that I’m taking right now that will lead me away from doing the right thing, Lord, help me to make a turning and redirect me to the path of righteousness. Amen.

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