Advent. JESUS SHOWED US GOD’S LOVE Prayer for December 6

jesus showed us God's love

Advent. Jesus showed us God’s love – Prayer for December 6. One o the questions we ask in the Advent period is what did Jesus do when he came to the world? What makes him important to us as Christians? We know he is God in human form and died for us, what other things did he do?

Bible Verse for Today

“But God demonstrates His love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

One of the things Jesus came to do is to show the love of God for us. What could make someone come and die for the sins of those who did not even feel bothered or showed they care? That’s because of Love.

God couldn’t stay up there in heaven and keep telling the people that he loves them, they will find it hard to understand or believe. He had to send Jesus. Jesus showed us God’s love.

It was when He came that we knew and understood that God is a loving Father who does not want us to perish. If there was nothing like love, we would have been condemned to face the result of sin. God loves us as the work of his hands. This is a message that must be resounded to everyone’s hearing.

We shouldn’t get tired of speaking or hearing about the love of God. We must keep it in our hearts. Even if all friends and loved ones are leaving, we can always fall back on the love of God for us.

It is this love that gives us something precious that we cannot get from any other place. What this gave us shouldn’t be taken for granted because if we do, we are taking his love granted. There are other things that Jesus came to do on earth and these must be examined so that we can know the importance of Jesus on earth and why we should anticipate his second coming. That are the themes we should remember and consider in Advent.

Jesus Showed us God’s love Prayer for Today

I believe that you have come to show us how God loved us dearly, Lord. Jesus, I believe you came because you love us and you choose to take away our sins that if anyone believes in you and follow the path of love you have laid for us, will be free from sin and live. I pray that you help me to stay in the path of love and exhibit the character of God which is to show love. Amen.

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