Keep confidence in Christ

Prayer for May 8. Keep confidence in Christ. Endurance is a fruit of hope, it’s not always easy enduring some things that are unpleasant but we need to have the spirit of endurance. Let’s tell God to give us the strength to endure whatever situation we find ourselves in and let He teach us to keep confidence in Christ.

Bible Verse for Today

“You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” (Hebrews 10:36)

This race set before us, we need to run with endurance because some situations will come to test our faith.

The apostles in the Bible faced great tribulations, they were beaten, imprisoned, and punished publicly but they were still happy suffering for Christ. These days we are happy because we can serve God openly but still, we face some things that give us hard times.

There are some things that come and shake our faith, we face a crisis, and we feel like giving up. We must be courageous and face them by the power of God. And we must endure those times because there is a reward. We need to build up our confidence in Christ, whatever tribulations and trials we face, it strengthens our faith. If we don’t do what he says which is persevering, we might not receive the blessing he has promised us.

Enduring in this life requires some paths you must follow, firstly is the path of love. When you love God, it doesn’t matter anything that may come your way, you can never stop obeying the word of God which is a guide to you.

Enduring requires focus too, you need to focus on Jesus alone, and he will be your motivation. Hebrews 12:2 “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer, and perfecter of faith.”

Keep Confidence in Christ Prayer for Today

Lord, the race before me is not easy, there are challenges, troubles, temptations, and trials – they are shaking my faith and they are causing me to fear but I trust in you alone – I believe that you are there and you are assuring me that you have conquered them all for me. I pray now Lord, that you should build my confidence in Christ and help me to endure to the end so I may be crowned and be named a victor. Amen.

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