OBEY GOD COMPLETELY Prayer for July 18

obey God completely

Obey God completely – Prayer for July 18. God has called all believers to work for him. He wants us to be helpful in his Kingdom and for us to manifest because the whole world is awaiting our manifestation. We must take the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all parts of the world. God is calling us to these; let’s obey the call; let’s obey God completely.

Bible Verse for Today

He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:28)

It is a thing for God to call us, and it is another thing for us to hear the call and obey it by doing all it takes. God has called us out of the darkness we used to be, and now we are in the light of Christ.

Since we are in the light now, we can see the way clearly – we know Jesus. God is now calling us to work. He calls us to bring others in the same light we are in. We should be happy when God calls us; there are so many benefits attached to the call of God when we obey.

Obeying God example from Bible

Let’s consider the life of Paul. The call was to encounter Jesus and get transferred into the light. He continued in the process of conversion before he was called to work. Paul was then filled with the power that made him perform miracles through Christ. Ultimately, Paul could boast of heaven – he was sure of eternal life.

The book of Luke 11:28 means that there are blessings attached to obeying the call of God. When you obey the call of God, your life has security already – God himself will shield you from troubles. The most important thing is the reason why Christ died for us is to get eternal life.

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When you obey the call, you’ll have eternal life. Jesus called us to come to him. You know, when you answer that call – you experience victory over every challenge and battle of life you are facing. Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Obey the call of God and enjoy the fullness of God.

Obey God Completely Prayer for Today

Dear Lord, thank you for the privilege to be called by you. I know it’s hard to obey the call as a human being, but I believe you can give me the power to obey it all and do all you have commanded. Please grant me the power now, and let me be useful in your Kingdom. I promise to obey God completely. The world awaits my manifestation – Lord, let me manifest and let the glory be yours alone. Amen.

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