PUT YOUR CONFIDENCE IN GOD Prayer for February 5

put your confidence in God

Put your confidence in God – Prayer for February 5. It is good for us to show that we are not timid but bold so we will be able to stand up to any challenge. But we need to be careful not to think our confidence or strength can solve all our problems.

Bible Verse for Today

“So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!” (1 Corinthians 10:12)

Like the introduction stated it is good to have confidence but to be overconfident is the real problem. It is very dangerous. Putting our confidence before God will get us in danger. So many times we seek the things to do and we are faced with things that are much more bigger than us – at this point, we should know that it is time to call on God. In this kind of situation, overconfident will only make us sink.

David was a powerful man. He has fought battles and won but when his families were taken in captive, he could have just thought that with his power he can pursue and overtake, but instead David inquired of the Lord. 1 Samuel 30:8 “and David inquired of the Lord, “Shall I pursue this raiding party? Will I overtake them?” “Pursue them,” he answered. “You will certainly overtake them and succeed in the rescue.”

Goliath, on the other hand, was so sure of himself – he kept on terrorizing the Children of Israel and they were terrified. We all know this story and how Goliath ended. His overconfidence killed. God used David to kill him.

If we don’t acknowledge God and now to his will, we will think we are going further but we are going the wrong way. The only thing we will have to do is to surrender to God and He takes control of everything. James 4:10 “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you.” Even if we are going to have confidence, it should be in the Lord always and not in anything else.

Put your Confidence in God Prayer for Today

Heavenly Father, I know it is not bad to have confidence but having overconfidence could be dangerous and get me into trouble. Lord, I pray that you help me to trust in you all the time and put my confidence in you. Teach me to be humble so you can lift me. Any situation that is not pleasant right now, Lord, help me to overcome them by your power alone. Let your strength be my strength. Amen.

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